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I’ve toyed on and off with the idea for a couple of years now of returning to regular blogging. I had a live journal many years ago that I deleted a few months back in a fit of “fuck social media” (even though I had not posted to it in literally years). But I dither around a lot about things, this included, and I figure the only way to really do it is to really DO it.

The reason I want to do this is because I like the idea of having this way to communicate with the world, but there are things about social media I’m over. Facebook especially – I’ve hung on to my FB because it provides an easy way to be in touch with friends and family who are distant, but a lot of why it’s tolerable is I curate it fiercely. After one too many random assholes I don’t really know being utter dicks to my friends or myself, I no longer accept friend requests from people if I don’t have a CLOSE friend in common whose friendship I trust. I’m also quick with the unfriend or mute feature. That helps a lot. I’m aware of the philosophy that zealous curation of one’s social media creates a bubble, but I don’t form my opinions in only one strata. I use FB to communicate with friends, not to get my news.

I do, on the other hand, use Twitter quite a bit and I don’t curate it nearly as fiercely (though I don’t go in for “followback parties” because that seems like a really good way to accumulate a lot of bullshit). It’s also a decent leaping-off point if I see a story or reference to something I want to delve into further. I follow a fairly broad left-to-right range of people.

But I still want someplace where I can express some of my ideas and thoughts a bit more in-depth about a wide range of topics, and hopefully in 2019 I can make this that place.

We’ll see, shall we?

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