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About the Chronicles

Welcome to the Chronicles of Sahenda!

These stories have lived in my head (and my notebooks) for some 20 years now. The genesis of them goes back even further – in my mid-20s I began writing short stories about a people who were the precursor to Clan Sahenda, focusing on the adventures of two brothers. My mom eagerly devoured every story I wrote, and looked forward to the day I finished them. Unfortunately, she passed before I could finish and I put the stories away for many years. Across those years and through several moves, I no longer have them. But I remembered the spirit of the world I created, and used it as the basis for these Chronicles.

And so I share them here. I have let many of my experiences with role play, storytelling and gaming guide and color these stories. In some cases, elements of the Clan ways take inspiration from a handful of ancient cultures. I hope that I have presented those elements with reverence and love.

I also want to tip my hat to an old friend who’s own stories gave me a great deal of inspiration. I don’t know where you are or where your path has taken you, Pattie Gail, but wherever you are I hope your feet have found the stars you loved.

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